Raymond Hoser The Snake ManSnake catcher, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Snake Catcher Melbourne.
Snake catcher, Snake removals, handler, reptile shows, children's parties Melbourne!

Snakebusters are the official Melbourne Snake catcher company.

24 Hours snake/reptile removals: Phone: 03 9812 3322 (all suburbs)

Snake catching, relocation, control and safety assessments,

Mobile: 0412 777 211

We also do Melbourne’s best:

Ø       Snake handling and snake catching courses

Ø       Reptile Parties

Ø       Wildlife displays

Ø       School incursions

Ø       Events, malls and corporate entertainment

When you need Australia’s best snake handlers,

Who ya gonna call?

Snakebusters ®

Beware of inexperienced imitators marketing themselves as "Snake Handlers". 

The Snake Man Raymond Hoser and his expert staff won’t attack snakes with illegal “killer tongs”.

Snakebustersâ, Snake Manâ, Hands on reptilesâ, Hold the animalsâ, Australia’s best reptiles®, similar words, phrases and variants are registered trademarks.

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